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The place for good business karma

May 18, 2010
Some of the biggest and fastest-growing businesses in the world got their start in the heart of Silicon Valley, on University Avenue, in a little two-story building that locals call the "karma building." Steve Henn reports.
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Online shopping starting to bank on fun

May 5, 2010
Entrepreneurs Melanie Moore and Susanne Greenfield wooed NYU's Stern School of Business with a business model for an online clothing site that focuses on the thrill of short-term auction. And Jeremy Hobson reports there's a growing trend here.
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A Muslim-focused entrepreneur summit

Apr 26, 2010
President Obama is hosting an "Entrepreneurship Summit" of delegates from Muslim nations. Reporter Mitchell Hartman talks with Tess Vigeland about what ideas are forming out of the grassroots affair, and the challenges Muslim entrepreneurs face.
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U.S. promotes Muslim entrepreneurship

Apr 26, 2010
President Obama's Summit on Entrepreneurship is helping put the spotlight on U.S. economic ties with Muslim nations. As Mitchell Hartman reports, there are big opportunities for U.S. firms that work with Muslim entrepreneurs.
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How freelancers afford to stay healthy

Mar 23, 2010
One of the big issues entrepreneurs struggle with is finding affordable health care while not attached to a big company. Mitchell Hartman explores one way these and other freelance types are getting ahead.
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Necessity can make a new career

Mar 22, 2010
With unemployment near 10 percent, a lot of people are going out on their own to make ends meet. And sometimes they come out with something better than they had before. Mitchell Hartman explores the potential in necessity entrepreneurship.
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A gene for entrepreneurship?

Mar 3, 2010
We've known for a long time that entrepreneurship tends to run in families. But now researchers are asking: Could there actually be entrepreneurial genes? Mitchell Hartman reports.
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NYC's first small business incubator

Feb 5, 2010
Some New York City entrepreneurs have turned the recession into a moment of opportunity, creating the Big Apple's first small business incubator. Ben Calhoun reports.
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Fund investing in gay, lesbian markets

Feb 3, 2010
Galileo Management is planning to launch a fund that will invest in businesses that cater to gays and lesbians. Jennifer Collins reports.
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Lending fund would help small business

Feb 2, 2010
President Obama is pitching a plan to boost small business by giving $30 billion in repaid bank bailout money to community banks. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Amy Scott about how this plan could help create jobs.
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