There's green in going green

Apr 13, 2007
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman thinks environmentalism needs a makeover — and it can be good for American business. He talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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One alarm you won't sleep through

Apr 9, 2007
Do you want an alarm clock that rings and runs? Sean Cole reports on the morning torture device called Clocky that can't be stopped.
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Will anybody push the 'up' button?

Mar 15, 2007
Commentator and Web entrepreneur wannabe Rob Long wants you to hear the "elevator pitch" for his new website. He knows you're busy. He'll keep it simple. . . . Go!
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Computer crime gets organized

Mar 6, 2007
A growing number of computer hackers are recruiting tech-savvy students and professionals to help them commit cyber-crimes. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Selling menopause

Mar 2, 2007
Some women still prefer to make quiet references to "the change" and men want nothing to do with it, but a growing number of women are not only talking — and laughing — about menopause, they're turning a profit.
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Making a business relationship work

Feb 14, 2007
Imagine what it would be like waking up each morning next to your business partner. Steve Tripoli found out how some couples manage to both love and labor together.
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Pumping a message to fuel sales

Feb 12, 2007
In Omaha, Neb., a gas-station chain is hoping to convince Americans to stop buying crude from the Middle East. It could be coming to a city near you. Avishay Artsy reports.
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Burger's unclear origin feeds patty debate

Feb 9, 2007
Towns in Connecticut, Texas and Wisconsin will tell you in short order that they're the birthplace of the modern-day American hamburger. Reporter Brian Bull did some grilling to get to the meat of their claims.
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Rabbis keep working on sabbath machines

Feb 9, 2007
For observant Jews on the sabbath, work, electrical devices and machinery are off-limits. But some Israeli rabbis are making machines to keep the faithful inside the letter — and spirit — of religious law. Shia Levitt reports.
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A hippie's guide to backpacks and success

Feb 7, 2007
Cash Peters digs around inside JanSport to bring us a behind-the-scenes look at how the popular backpack maker made it happen.
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