It's the BETTER Business Bureau

Oct 17, 2007
What could be a more straightforward brand than the Better Business Bureau? For some, though, the BBB's become the place to go to complain about business. So it's launched a nationwide campaign to let people know it does some other things, too. Steve Tripoli reports.
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New news group, old ethics debacle

Oct 17, 2007
Billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler are starting a news organization dedicated entirely to investigative journalism. But Steve Tripoli reports where Pro Publica may already hit a conflict of interest.
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The basics of Mechanism Design

Oct 15, 2007
Three Americans won the Nobel Prize in Economics this morning for Mechanism Design Theory, which economists can use as a market tool. Dan Grech explains how it works.
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Old gadgets galore at geek flea market

Oct 12, 2007
The high-tech elite and regular, old engineers shop for the tools of their trade and electronic relics at a Silicon Valley flea market. Tamara Keith reports.
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Attending the conference? Bring the kids!

Oct 10, 2007
Smart conference organizers have realized that arranging sideline events for the conference-goers' children is a good way to keep stress levels down and attendance up. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Forget the next iPod, think Viagra

Oct 9, 2007
Discoveries that win the Nobel Prize can lead to extraordinarily lucrative consumer products. But how do the researchers who make the discoveries make sure they get part of the profit? Steve Tripoli looked into it.
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Will work for beer

Oct 5, 2007
Beer's not only a party drink, it's a commodity, too. Kate Golden discovered as much when a guest left a case of Bud Light behind at a party she threw.
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Radiohead lets buyers name their price

Oct 1, 2007
CD music sales continue to decline. But the popular alternative British group Radiohead is trying something new. They're making a key change in their sales strategy. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Putting lesbian parents on the radar

Sep 26, 2007
The new fall TV season is upon us, but one group you won't be seeing more of -- on network shows, anyway -- is gay and lesbian characters. But one entrepreneur is betting market economics can change that. Alex Schmidt reports.
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PowerSet searches for online niche

Sep 25, 2007
Last month Google handled 54% of all Internet searches in the United States, Yahoo 20%. Yet, that dominance isn't deterring a company called PowerSet from entering the search business. Leo LaPorte explained its efforts to Kai Ryssdal.
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