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Entrepreneurs surviving first recession

Dec 16, 2008
For young entrepreneurs who have never gone through a recession, the current economy can be scary. But some are taking on the crisis as a valuable learning experience, and can find advantages. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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A wish list for small businesses

Dec 11, 2008
Small businesses want a number of things from the incoming Obama administration, including some of the money from the federal bailout. Health insurance and credit card reform are also on the agenda. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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The truncated life of an abridging site

Dec 5, 2008
Ever feel like there's not enough time in the day to read through all of your favorite periodicals? One net entrepreneur found a way to give us handy abridged versions. Sean Cole tells us why he had to close shop.
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'Sweet Lord' not a blessing for all

Nov 27, 2008
A German entrepreneur has created a holiday job for himself: He's selling a chocolate Jesus. But not everyone likes to mix their candy with their spirituality. Kyle James reports.
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He's driven to make a difference

Nov 27, 2008
Robert Chambers could have easily retired after leaving car sales and owning several businesses. Instead, he has channeled his energy into helping low-income car buyers make smart purchases that will help them on the road to prosperity. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Firm gets good results from bad ideas

Nov 27, 2008
Thousands of new consumer products hit American store shelves every year. About 90% fail. A Michigan consulting company collects many of these products, and companies pay big bucks to take a look. Dustin Dwyer reports.
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Raise a toast to the craft beer

Nov 26, 2008
Kai Ryssdal goes into a bar to find out about the growing world of craft beers with Brian Yaeger, author of "Red, White and Brew."
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Bailout isn't helping out the little guy

Nov 20, 2008
Congress will grill the Treasury today on what small business is getting out of the $700 billion bailout. Mitchell Hartman reports for some small businesses, things have gotten worse since the financial bailout began.
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The best states for starting a business

Nov 19, 2008
A new report ranks states by the climate for new economic growth. Mitchell Hartman reports why Massachusetts, Washington and Maryland, among others, provide a supportive environment for start-ups.
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Starting a business in a bad economy

Nov 18, 2008
Global Entrepreneurship Week has events in 77 countries. But is now the time to start a business, when the economy is shrinking? Mitchell Hartman finds out.
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