An opportunity in China's dairy industry

Feb 27, 2009
China's dairy industry took a hit when the chemical melamine was found in every brand of its milk. But that hasn't stopped one entrepreneur from entering the industry. Scott Tong reports.
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Paying a big price for military service

Feb 20, 2009
When duty called, chiropractor Daniel Bordelon didn't turn his back. The Army National Guard colonel, who nearly drowned in Hurricane Katrina, gave up his practice at a huge loss to serve in rebuilding New Orleans.
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When small business meets big fraud

Feb 9, 2009
Small business advocates say the government bailout doesn't address contracting fraud and abuse, which has diverted billions to large corporations. Ronni Radbill explores what the government is doing to curb the corruption.
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The mompreneurial spirit

Jan 23, 2009
With the economy in a tailspin, many stay-at-home moms are starting businesses to help support their families. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports on these so-called "mompreneurs."
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Venture capital funds slimming down

Jan 20, 2009
Venture capital fundraising was down significantly in 2008 from the year before, and the trend is expected to continue into the new year. Part of the problem is money tied up in other start-ups. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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The state of black-owned businesses

Jan 19, 2009
According to the most recent U.S. Census, there are a million black-owned businesses in the United States, which bring in more than $100 billion in sales. Tamara Keith has more on black-owned businesses in the U.S.
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Where small business wants stimulus

Jan 16, 2009
Small business advocates have been lobbying to get a piece of Obama's stimulus plan. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explores where some of the bailout money could go specifically to directly benefit small businesses.
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More strain for small business loans

Jan 14, 2009
Small businesses strapped for cash could use help from the Small Business Association more than ever. But recent changes to one of its popular loan programs has put a strain on women and minority owners. Ronni Radbill reports.
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Small business owners still optimistic

Jan 13, 2009
In a survey out by the National Small Business Association, many members expect deteriorating sales and job cuts. Still, there's an undercurrent of tenacious optimism. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explores why.
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Buying the company when it's down

Jan 2, 2009
Investors looking for opportunity in a distressed market can find it in cheap company debt. But buyer beware: Something put that company into trouble to begin with, and it's wise to understand what. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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