Hopscotch co-founder and and Chief Technology Officer Samantha John (foreground) and Asha Gupta, head of product, at work on a technical question in the company’s New York offices.

Women, venture capital and bias

Aug 7, 2015
An experiment reveals obstacles female entrepreneurs face in finding investors.
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A conversation with director of the U.S. Patent Office

Apr 15, 2015
Intellectual property, abusive litigation, and social innovation.
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Forget the elevator. Try pitching on a ski lift

Apr 6, 2015
A New Mexico business group came up with a new twist on the investment pitch.
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Bryan Valentini

When does a start-up stop being a start-up?

Aug 15, 2014
Is it measurable by time, employees, or the number of beanbag chairs?
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PODCAST: The inflation-interest paradox

May 15, 2014
Fast food workers across more than 30 countries protest for better wages. And small-scale entrepreneurs are taking aim at that urban ritual of waiting for the bus.
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Niche daily dealer focuses on Jewish buyers

Dec 13, 2012
Jdeal is one of several daily deal sites targeting ethnic minorities, women of color, vegans and others.
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Two small businessmen, two views on taxes

Oct 24, 2012
Business owners share friendship and a passion for dirt bikes, but are far apart when it comes to taxes and politics.
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'Shark Tank' star on how to succeed as an entrepreneur

Aug 20, 2012
As the politicians tell it, many of our hopes in this economic recovery rest with the American entrepreneur. "Shark Tank," on ABC, is the reality show that lets you root for 'em.
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Ski slope dreams

Jun 1, 2012
Former ski bum Troy Caldwell has been following his dream of opening his own ski resort for years... at any cost.
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Remember, older entrepreneurs start companies, too

May 11, 2012
The U.S. could be on the "cusp of an entrepreneurship boom -- not in spite of an aging population but because of it."
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