Is responsibility in a Google search?

Feb 12, 2007
Mainline media companies are objecting to ties Google has with some less-than-reputable downloading websites. Matthew Karnitschnig had the story in today's Wall Street Journal. He talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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On-screen smoking for adults only?

Feb 12, 2007
Most Americans support an automatic R rating for movies that show actors smoking cigarettes. So says a poll out today. If that happened, it could cost the tobacco industry billions.
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Long wait for video download profits

Feb 9, 2007
Amazon, TiVo and Wal-Mart are among the companies jockeying for the lead in the movie download business, but Daily Variety's Mike Speier says it's going to be a long time before they're making money at it.
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Going against the grain

Feb 6, 2007
Who cares what the outside of your PC looks like as long as it's got a fast chip inside, right? Well, no. Ethan Lindsey found some people for whom looks — with a fine veneer — matter.
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NBC looks to new generation with Zucker

Feb 5, 2007
NBC Universal is expected to name Jeff Zucker as its new CEO. He's been running NBC's television group. Daily Variety's Joe Adalian talks with Kai Ryssdal about what the change means for the media conglomerate.
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Another feather in Zucker's cap

Feb 5, 2007
NBC Universal could announce as early as tomorrow that Jeff Zucker will be promoted to CEO of the media giant — but he'd better resurrect those ratings if he wants to stay on top, Alisa Roth reports.
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Brits yank 'Night at the Museum'

Feb 2, 2007
When Fox decided to release the DVD for the film early, some U.K. theater owners pulled it from their marquees in protest. They say that doesn't give them enough time to make a decent return, Stephen Beard reports.
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Is figure skating in a death spiral on TV?

Feb 1, 2007
What was once television gold has moved down the podium a bit. Business-of-sports analyst Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about figure skating's melting popularity with TV audiences.
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DreamWorks-Aardman deal flushed away

Jan 31, 2007
The animation studios have parted ways after finishing only two films of a five-picture deal. Variety's Adam Dawtrey says it was an interesting gamble in the first place.
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Britain gambles on casino in Manchester

Jan 30, 2007
The new super casino in Manchester will create jobs in one of Britain's most deprived areas, but critics worry about the possible economic and social effects. Stephen Beard reports.
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