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A funnier Air America on tap?

Jan 30, 2007
Once New York real estate mogul Stephen Green owns the struggling Air America radio network, he'll concentrate on its lineup. Ashley Milne-Tyte talks to one industry watcher who says they need to lighten up.
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Steamed over coffee prices

Jan 29, 2007
Ethiopian coffee growers say they're not being paid enough for their "black gold" and they've made their case in a documentary film by that name. Stephen Beard has the story.
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History of business presents . . .

Jan 26, 2007
Acclaimed director and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock released his first film 80 years ago this week. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the history.
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Still tellin' us what's happening on Wall St.

Jan 26, 2007
Citigroup has ousted exec Todd Thomson over his relationship with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo, but yesterday the network stood behind its star anchor, saying the assignment in question was legitimate.
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Cashing in on Oscar

Jan 26, 2007
An Academy Award nomination is as much of a boost to the bottom line as it is the ego — maybe more. Daily Variety managing editor Michael Speier tells us how.
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Virgin record label is history

Jan 26, 2007
British record group EMI is merging its American operations. They'll be run under the Capitol label, which means Virgin is out — along with hundreds of workers. Stephen Beard has details.
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Illinois takes a chance on selling its lottery

Jan 23, 2007
Illinois is trying to sell its lottery to private investors. Critics say the state is gambling with its future. Amy Scott reports.
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Reality TV show sparks international furor

Jan 19, 2007
An incident on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother reality show has caused a wave of political and economic repercussions stretching all the way to India. Stephen Beard has details.
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Dr. Frankenstein, meet Julia Child

Jan 18, 2007
A new cooking trend called "molecular gastronomy" may sound unappetizing, but it's given rise to some of the world's top restaurants. Jerome Socolovsky gives us a taste from the Madrid Fusion Food Summit.
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Video gamers go pro

Jan 18, 2007
Electronic games have gotten so serious that the best players are actually getting paid to compete. Business-of-sports analyst Ed Derse talks with Kai Ryssdal about the new professionals.
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