The movie theater lives!

May 4, 2007
Doomsayers have been prognosticating the end for movie theaters for years now. But even in an age of DVDs and Internet video, they're selling more tickets than ever — and now some are taking the business public. Lisa Napoli looks behind the curtain.
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Hollywood keeps cashing in on comics

May 4, 2007
Spider-Man 3 is all but guaranteed to swing in and open the summer blockbuster season with a huge box office take. Comic books continue to deliver for Hollywood, and it has a lot to do with the geek factor says Daily Variety's Mike Speier.
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China's new Idol: 'Happy Boys'

May 2, 2007
China's government is cracking down on one of the nation's most successful television programs, an "American Idol"-style talent show. But the new formula may still spell profits for the sponsors. Donna Renae reports.
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TV tries new ways to keep you on the couch

Apr 30, 2007
A new set of TV ratings coming out this year could affect not only which shows you watch, but also what you see during the commercial breaks. Andrea Gardner explains.
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'The best Marketplace segment ever!'

Apr 27, 2007
(...based on a Friday morning theater story out of London ...in April.) A European law set to take effect next year bans advertising that aims to deceive consumers, which means promoters will have to stop pulling misleading quotes from bad reviews.
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Amazon music store around the corner

Apr 25, 2007
The world's largest Internet retailer, Amazon.com is preparing to take on iTunes with the launch of its own music download store. But it's not likely to take a big bite of Apple's share anytime soon, reports Lisa Napoli.
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Lord of the games

Apr 24, 2007
Software maker Turbine is hoping to lure online gamers away from World of Warcraft and into Middle Earth to play its game out today based on Tolkien's popular "Lord of the Rings."
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Hollywood's shipping premieres overseas

Apr 20, 2007
Studios are seeing big dollar signs at the global box office. So much so that in some cases, they're opening domestic films in foreign markets first to generate big buzz and big bucks. And it could begin to influence the films themselves.
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Light shines on Katrina survivor

Apr 16, 2007
After Hurricane Katrina destroyed her Biloxi, Miss., house, Ethel Curry waited a long time for help rebuilding it. That help finally came this winter — from an unlikely source. Stephen Smith reports.
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Let it be MP3

Apr 12, 2007
The Beatles' music is now just a new royalties deal away from becoming available on iTunes. The band has reportedly settled a $60 million dispute with record company EMI, the final obstacle in the catalogue's journey onto Internet store shelves.
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