Digital age puts the numbers upfront

May 18, 2007
We're still watching plenty of TV, but one of the big stories coming out of this year's upfronts is how to count all those Internet downloads when it comes to ratings and ad dollars says Variety's Mike Speier.
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'Upfronts' showcase TV's changes, dilemmas

May 17, 2007
The upfronts, where TV execs go before advertisers to pitch their new line-ups, keep getting bigger and more important. TV critic Aaron Barnhart talks with Kai Ryssdal about the changes he's seeing.
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Harrah's considers Biloxi a good gamble

May 15, 2007
Casino giant Harrah's announced it will team up with Jimmy Buffett on a $700 million casino and resort in Biloxi, Miss. It'll be the biggest investment in the state's Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Beethoven rocks!!

May 11, 2007
U.K. radio's Classic FM says its audience now boasts almost half a million young teens — 50 percent more than February. The Marketplace Players wish the great composers were around to take advantage of the new youth market.
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'A word from our sponsor' on demand

May 8, 2007
ABC and ESPN say they're going to offer some programs to Cox Cable for free, on-demand viewing. But viewers won't be able to skip the ads with their digital video recorders. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Directors offer Hollywood a package deal

May 7, 2007
Five Mexican movie directors are shopping themselves in a five-picture, all-or-nothing deal that could fetch $100-million. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Hollywood keeps cashing in on comics

May 4, 2007
Spider-Man 3 is all but guaranteed to swing in and open the summer blockbuster season with a huge box office take. Comic books continue to deliver for Hollywood, and it has a lot to do with the geek factor says Daily Variety's Mike Speier.
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The movie theater lives!

May 4, 2007
Doomsayers have been prognosticating the end for movie theaters for years now. But even in an age of DVDs and Internet video, they're selling more tickets than ever — and now some are taking the business public. Lisa Napoli looks behind the curtain.
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China's new Idol: 'Happy Boys'

May 2, 2007
China's government is cracking down on one of the nation's most successful television programs, an "American Idol"-style talent show. But the new formula may still spell profits for the sponsors. Donna Renae reports.
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TV tries new ways to keep you on the couch

Apr 30, 2007
A new set of TV ratings coming out this year could affect not only which shows you watch, but also what you see during the commercial breaks. Andrea Gardner explains.
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