Firecracker fun made in China

Jul 4, 2007
Fireworks are as American as apple pie and the Fourth of July, except that almost all of them are made in China. So how do we know if they're safe? The industry acted to defuse that issue nearly 20 years ago, but it's not failsafe, John Dimsdale reports.
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Tequila puts agave on the hog cycle

Jul 4, 2007
Back in the late '90s, tequila made such a big splash in U.S. pop culture that it drove up the price of agave, the spiky plant used to make Mexico's national liquor. The events that followed tell an age-old story in agriculture. Dan Grech explains.
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Happy 4th! Please return your kegs

Jul 4, 2007
Keg thieves are tapping into the beer industry's collective bottom line, siphoning off over $40 million a year, into scrap metal mostly. The Beer Institute's Jeff Becker tells us how they're making off with so many empty kegs, and what's being done about it.
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Moving up a blockbuster's payday

Jul 3, 2007
People involved in a hit movie can reap big bucks if they sign a profit-participation deal. But it can take years to get the money. So, a new company is offering cash upfront for rights to future earnings. Tess Vigeland talked with its CEO, Steve Kram.
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Riding the iPhone publicity wave

Jul 2, 2007
Universal Music is refusing to renew its annual contract with Apple to make its music available on iTunes. The at-will arrangement means Universal could yank its big name artists at a moment's notice. But that seems unlikely, Dan Grech reports.
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Talkers fight a 'fairness' push

Jun 29, 2007
Conservative talk radio flexed its muscle to defeat the ill-fated immigration reform bill, and it's unlikely the "Fairness Doctrine" will be resurrected to control the airwaves. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Hollywood braces for 'perfect storm'

Jun 29, 2007
Contracts for Hollywood writers and actors are up for renegotiation soon, and studio heads are stocking up on scripts and rushing production in case of an industry-wide strike. Are even more reality shows on the horizon?
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Is China ready for gay TV?

Jun 28, 2007
A Hong Kong-based private broadcaster is trying to lure an audience online with controversial programs created in a small Beijing studio. But the venture has its risks. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Maybe Hooters and Puritans don't mix

Jun 27, 2007
Hooters has shown strong growth nationally -- except in New England where the franchise known for its busty waitresses faces Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is liquidating. Curt Nickisch reports.
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'Sicko' could cure American apathy

Jun 26, 2007
Michael Moore's latest film comes out this week, and commentator Jamie Court thinks it might provide the emotional kick in the pants Americans need to finally demand universal health care and put private insurers out of business.
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