Reality TV heads to the South

Feb 17, 2012
Reality TV is cheap to make and there's a whole lot of it out there. These days, producers are finding characters in the backwoods of Louisiana.
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People's Choice really is the people's choice

Jan 11, 2012
They're called People's Choice Awards for a reason. Anyone can vote – as often as they like That's why many critics don't take the awards seriously.
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Officials to consider safety of air shows

Jan 10, 2012
The National Transportation Safety Board is holding a hearing today about the safety of daredevil events -- specifically, events like the air show in Reno, Nevada last September in which a crash killed 11 people and injured 70.
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Netflix to stream original series, in full

Jan 5, 2012
Netflix is coming out with its first original series, and will stream it all at once. It serves as an indicator of how viewer habits are changing.
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A magazine for fans who take reality seriously

Jan 2, 2012
Reality Weekly will take you into the lives of the people who have already taken you into their lives on reality TV. Yes, even more about Kim Kardashian.
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Movie ticket sales hit 16-year low

Dec 29, 2011
Despite billion-dollar blockbusters, 2011 saw fewer people in movie theater seats. Are bad films to blame? Try tough competition.
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Theater owners' 'Mission: Impossible'

Dec 20, 2011
Boosting the box office after "Avatar"'s banner year.
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Latest 'Call of Duty' could be most lucrative video game ever

Nov 8, 2011
The eighth iteration of the popular video game is already one of the highest grossing entertainment franchises of all time.
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Berlusconi's album release delayed

Nov 4, 2011
The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has recorded an album, but the release date is delayed due to the ongoing economic crisis in Europe.
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All pledge all the time

Nov 1, 2011
Public television introduces a cable station that airs nothing but pledge drives.
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