NBC tries to get over the 4th place hump

May 16, 2011
Upfronts, the all-important TV ad-buying event, begin for NBC today. The network is currently sitting in 4th place in ratings.
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TV spending rises as audience slips

May 13, 2011
As the TV ad-buying event known as the "upfront" market kicks off next week, networks are confident that advertisers, if not viewers, are back.
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Music sales rise after years in the doldrums

May 12, 2011
Recent figures show album sales rose for the first time in six years. Part of the reason is the popularity of music from British artist, Adele.
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Pandora adds comedy to its streaming service

May 4, 2011
The streaming music service adds comedy clips that allows users to create their own sort of comedy club.
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Fewer American homes own TV sets

May 3, 2011
TV ownership in the U.S. has fallen for the first time in 20 years due to poverty and the Internet. The young and restless watch TV online.
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Should movie tickets be priced based on demand?

Apr 28, 2011
Ticketmaster announced it will price concerts and sporting events based on demand. Should the same process be applied to movie tickets?
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Weird Al - Lady Gaga score settled

Apr 21, 2011
How's that for a tech show headline? Well, yeah, I know but stay with me. Weird Al Yankovic wrote a parody of Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way". He...
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Who can replace Oprah -- and nab her audience?

Apr 13, 2011
Replacing Oprah Winfrey won't be easy. Trying to grab her loyal daytime-afternoon audience may be more difficult.
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Rupert Murdoch pushes his way into British satellite TV

Apr 8, 2011
News Corp's takeover of a U.K. satellite network could spell trouble for newspaper rivals once Murdoch starts bundling TV and print content online.
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Disney to break ground on Shanghai theme park

Apr 7, 2011
The Walt Disney Company will begin construction on Shanghai Disneyland tomorrow. And the park is expected to capitalize on existing demand for Disney products in China.
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