Cable companies can't just dump your favorite channel

Aug 2, 2011
The Federal Communication Commission issued a new order that will keep channels on the air during contract fights between programmers and...
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Catherine, a game of love (and anxiety)

Aug 1, 2011
Catherine, a new video game by Atlus, sucks its players into a morally ambiguous world -- forcing them to think about relationships, and possibly...
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Suffering from 'post-financial stress disorder'

Jul 29, 2011
What's going to happen with this debt ceiling thing? Who knows... Thinking about it can cause some people anxiety.
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Amazon hearts movie streaming

Jul 29, 2011
This week has seen some big streaming news. I feel like we hit the tipping point were TV on the net was suddenly everywhere....
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Fox puts up paywall

Jul 27, 2011
The network comes up with a new way to make viewers pay to watch online.
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These are the droids you are looking for

Jul 27, 2011
If you've been waiting for just the right time to buy an official Stormtrooper costume, get ready. A UK court just ruled against Lucasfilm, which...
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Wal-Mart joins the streaming movie party

Jul 27, 2011
Tuesday, Wal-Mart announced it would start streaming movies, thanks to the streaming service Vudu, which the big box retailer acquired last year....
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GigU: College's & universities want to jack your download speeds!!!

Jul 27, 2011
Research-smeesearch! This story in the New York Times means just two things: faster pirated movies!!! More stolen music!!!!...
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The latest trend? Fashion and beauty reality TV

Jul 27, 2011
More than 100 new reality TV shows are in the works for summer and fall, and a large swath of them are focusing their lenses on beauty and fashion.
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Game On!

Jul 26, 2011
Google searches about NFL teams and tickets spiked today after the league's owners and players came to an agreement to end the lockout. ...
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