TV music at bargain prices

Sep 19, 2011
Music for TV shows once featured top 40 hits; now indie artists rule. The shift from big names to no-names happened with the rise of the DVD.
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Getting scientific in Hollywood

Sep 16, 2011
A new nonprofit program teams up Hollywood writers and directors with scientists to encourage more accuracy in entertainment.
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Michael Arrington Is Out at Tech Crunch

Sep 8, 2011
Arianna Huffington appears to have won the glorious, public, smack-down within AOL over Michael Arrington's plans to both write about startups at...
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Venice Film Festival hit by economic downturn

Sep 5, 2011
The Venice Film Festival has been hard hit by the global economic downturn, leaving a large building project unfinished. But the industry hopes to continue to attract American funding.
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Sony and Disney films being pulled from Netflix in 2012

Sep 2, 2011
Starz Entertainment is the pay-TV/online distributor for many Sony and Disney films. Sony has a contract clause with Starz that lets it ask for...
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Ry Cooder on the protest songs of today

Aug 29, 2011
Musician Ry Cooder explores a number of genres on his new album, which was inspired by the current economy and the protest songs of the past.
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Full Album Stream: Ry Cooder's "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down"

Aug 29, 2011
When it comes to musical genres, Ry Cooder can play just about anything -- and does. From rock 'n' roll to country to Dixieland jazz, Cooder has ...
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AEG launches new ticket service

Aug 23, 2011
AXS will compete with Ticketmaster in a shrinking concert business.
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10 Westerns

Aug 8, 2011
I love Westerns more than I used to because I'm getting older and I'm a guy. Westerns often have to do with a man having to Do What's Right even...
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Wanna-be wizards beware

Aug 5, 2011
Harry Potter fans are getting scammed by cons offering early access to the Pottermore website. (For those of you not up on all things Harry Pott...
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