The Obama interview: U.S. must invest in itself

Mar 21, 2012
On a two-day trip to promote his energy policy, President Obama said the nation must invest in alternative energy or cede leadership to China. He called on Congress to help create jobs by providing more aid to struggling homeowners and investing more in infrastructure.
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Obama speaks about gas prices

Feb 23, 2012
The president spoke to the crowd at the University of Miami about American energy.
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Progress Energy CEO on future of natural gas

Feb 13, 2012
Bill Johnson, CEO of Progress Energy, addresses the concerns over natural gas and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.
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U.S. surprisingly close to energy independence

Feb 7, 2012
America produces 81 percent of its own energy, mostly with oil, gas and coal. But don't celebrate our energy independence just yet.
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The future of the global car market

Jan 16, 2012
What would the world's roads look like if countries like China and India caught up with the United States?
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Google wants to light up your home

Nov 24, 2011
Google is teaming up with the Lighting Science Group to create an LED bulb that can be controlled by an Android phone.
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Solyndra loan controversy rumbles along

Sep 14, 2011
There is some squabbling in Washington over a $535 million loan made to a solar panel company called Solyndra LLC, which abruptly declared...
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Corporate Studs Unite: Behind Energy Investment

Sep 14, 2011
So Bill Gates, superstar venture capitalist John Doerr, GE boss Jeff Immelt , Bank of America chairman Charles Holliday and former Lockheed Marti...
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Power Buoys

Aug 25, 2011
The Navy has begun testing on buoys that harness electricity from waves. In the past, wave-generated electricity was seen as too expensive and not...
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Power Walker!

Aug 25, 2011
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin released a study showing how to power our Smartphones from the kinetic energy in our shoes. That means...
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