Egyptian protests hurt small businesses

Jul 1, 2013
Egyptian business owners are hurting -- especially those who depend on tourist income.
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Post-revolution Egypt: Not much better and about to get worse for the poor

Jun 7, 2013
The economic downtown that followed Egypt's uprising continues to make difficult circumstances even worse for the country's poor.
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Egyptians turn to 'gray market' for dollars

Apr 11, 2013
A foreign currency shortage has Egyptians turning to informal dollar exchanges to keep businesses going.
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Egypt's loan delay is about prices -- and power

Apr 3, 2013
Egypt needs a loan from the IMF to right its floundering economy, but the money will come with austerity strings attached.
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Why mess with an undersea Egyptian Internet cable?

Mar 29, 2013
The Egyptian Navy says it caught three men trying to cut a big Internet cable that runs under the Mediterranean causing slow downs in the country and as far away as Pakistan.
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Egypt's economy no better two years after Hosni Mubarak

Feb 11, 2013
Unrest returns to the streets two years after the ex-president's ouster, which means more disruption for the country's economy.
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Egypt's economy two years after revolution

Feb 11, 2013
It may still be too early to judge the success or failure of that revolution in Egypt, but one thing is clear: It has not led to economic prosperity.
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Egypt downgraded as political tensions continue

Dec 24, 2012
Vital austerity measures could be harder to push through in Egypt as political unrest continues.
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IMF delays loan to Egypt

Dec 11, 2012
The International Monetary Fund says a $4.8 billion loan for Egypt is on hold. The IMF cited "unfolding developments on the ground."
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Stock market tumbles as Morsi expands powers

Nov 26, 2012
As President Morsi works to resolve tensions over his expanded powers, confidence in Egypt's government and economy falters.
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