College exec pay at a noticeable high

Nov 17, 2008
A report out today shows college presidents are making more money than ever. Combine that with pay from a few on-the-side jobs on corporate boards and you're looking at some high figures. Renita Jablonski reports.
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Public pension funds feel the squeeze

Nov 13, 2008
Public pension funds that invested heavily in real estate are taking a big hit, including the real estate portfolio for California's civil servants, which lost more than a third of its value. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Letters: Creating jobs, helping students

Nov 11, 2008
Listeners wrote in about creating jobs for out-of-work Americans, student loans and having lobbyist-connected people on Obama's team. Also, Kai Ryssdal learns how to pronounce the name of a South Dakota city.
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Universities have Silicon Valley thunder

Nov 6, 2008
With Silicon Valley in a bit of a slump, research departments at universities are getting a leg up. Caitlan Carroll looks at how one technology start-up at the University of Southern California is following the trend.
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Letters: Tinkerbell and a modern pirate

Nov 4, 2008
This week our listeners wrote in about auto-worker benefits, the Great Depression and the darker side of Tinkerbell. Also, abut a pirate who's no Capt. Hook. Kai Ryssdal picks out a few.
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MBA seekers undeterred

Oct 31, 2008
Dreams of working on Wall Street bring a flood of students into Masters of Business Administration programs each year. But even with Wall Street suffering, applications to MBA programs are way up. Adriene Hill reports.
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Ideas to juice our public schools

Oct 21, 2008
With a weak economy and huge deficits, what do education advocates expect from the next president? For our Interested Parties series, Steve Henn looked into what Washington, D.C. has been doing to improve its public schools.
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Little room for retraining workers

Sep 19, 2008
Many of Michigan's former auto workers are turning to community colleges to train for a career shift, but the state's education system can't accommodate them all. Dustin Dwyer reports.
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Incidental costs at college add up

Sep 12, 2008
After tuition and room and board, there's still the question of day-to-day expenses for your college student. Estimates are all over the map, so host Tess Vigeland takes a closer look at the cost of being in college.
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Saving for your education... again

Sep 12, 2008
Thinking of changing careers? More employers are offering lifelong learning accounts. Think of it as a 401(k) plan for your future education. Katie Macpherson reports.
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