A boost for remedial-education program

Oct 14, 2009
A grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will expand a model program in Washington State that promotes remedial education to help students get community college degrees. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Learning finance with guinea pigs

Oct 9, 2009
Bonnie Nevel and her 9-year-old daughter Rose Newell of Chapel Hill, N.C., share their story about Rose's valuable experience in saving and budgeting.
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Kids and money: Have you had the talk?

Oct 9, 2009
Personal finance expert and author Beth Kobliner and her 13-year-old daughter, Rebecca, tell Tess Vigeland some of the lessons they've learned in their talks about about managing money.
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Med students weigh in on health reform

Oct 8, 2009
The final health care reform bill will have a big impact on the doctors of tomorrow. What does the next generation of medical practitioners think about the proposed new rules? Joel Rose reports in the next installment of our series, "The Cure."
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Are textbooks history in the digital era?

Oct 1, 2009
States across the country are slashing education budgets, forcing schools to cut expenses. One option getting a lot of attention is digital textbooks. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Parties target students to boost sales

Sep 23, 2009
As students head back to school for the start of fall semester, store owners are hoping to cash in on sales of college essentials. One retailer is even throwing a party. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
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Is education not worth what we spend?

Sep 21, 2009
Is college worth the money students are taking out in loans? Economics correspondent Chris Farrell talks to Bill Radke about the pull behind higher education and why it may no longer be worth what people are spending.
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State tax revenue losses hurt schools

Sep 11, 2009
The University of California Board of Regents is mulling a tuition hike to fill a budget deficit. Joel Rose reports.
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Education works as a placebo effect

Sep 3, 2009
Ever wonder why college is so expensive? Commentator Tyler Cowen says it's because there's more to education than just coursework.
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New college majors for changing needs

Aug 31, 2009
The Chronicle of Higher Education says colleges are now offering new disciplines for students, including a major in the science behind customer service. Steve Henn reports.
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