New for-profit college loan rules consider students' earning potential

Jul 23, 2010
The Department of Education is proposing some controversial new rules for for-profit colleges. The industry's been under attack for heavy student debt loads.
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For med students, financial lessons learned outside the lab

Jul 22, 2010
Managing the finances of a practice isn't a common class in med school, but there are still ways to learn. Gregory Warner visited a student-run clinic in Philadelphia.
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Gulf scientists feel uneasy about working for BP

Jul 20, 2010
Scientists understand BP needs their help to assess the damage from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and to find potential solutions for clean-up, but many scientists draw the line at testifying for the company.
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Michigan's Big House

Jul 14, 2010
The University of Michigan has football bragging rights even before the season begins. The school announced today that at the start of football...
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Grads not making enough to pay off loans

Jul 13, 2010
Some for-profit schools may have a high graduate employment rate, but often the salaries are too small to pay off the loans students take to pay for their education.
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Glenn Beck can call it a 'university' for now

Jul 7, 2010
It may be far from the traditional use of the term, but right now there's nothing stopping Glenn Beck from calling his new online soapbox a "university".
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U.S. universities rush to go global

Jul 6, 2010
Michigan State University says it is closing its undergraduate university in Dubai, putting an end to a money-losing experiment. It's tough news for the 100 students who need to find a new place to go to school. But for American universities, the race to go global continues. Jeff Horwich reports.
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Get your degree in gelato-making

Jul 6, 2010
Gelato University in Bologna, Italy attracts hundreds of international students every year that come to study how to produce and prepare gelato.
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Officials cracking down on accreditation shopping

Jul 2, 2010
Officials want to stop for-profit schools from shopping for accreditation by buying struggling colleges.
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Solving the U.S. education crisis

Jul 1, 2010
Economics correspondent Chris Farrell explains why we should focus on resolving the education crisis in the U.S.
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