How to make teachers better

Oct 4, 2010
Today on Marketplace, reporter Emily Hanford has a story about new tactics being used in the effort to improve teachers and education. The piece is...
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Should parents save for their kids' college?

Oct 1, 2010
Marketplace asked listeners to weigh in on whether or not parents should save for their kids' college education. Here are some of the reasons...
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The debate over not saving for college

Sep 30, 2010
With college tuition always on the rise, it seems natural to start saving up for your child's college tuition early. But forget early -- some parents aren't saving up at all.
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Media shine spotlight on education

Sep 24, 2010
The issue of education reform is coming to the forefront. The much-hyped documentary "Waiting for Superman" opens in New York and Los Angeles. Oprah is spending another hour on the topic. And next week NBC News is hosting a big education summit. What gives? Amy Scott reports.
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A $100 million donation or PR ploy?

Sep 23, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Amy Scott about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's donation of $100 million to Newark, N.J. schools. Is it pure philanthropy or PR?
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Colleges set up food banks for students

Sep 17, 2010
Some universities and colleges are setting up food banks on-campus for their students. Making sure that financially struggling students are able to eat alleviates at least one big worry for them and helps keep them in school.
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The students are alright

Sep 7, 2010
Less hours hitting the books, a casual attitude about plagiarism -- what's to like about the new incoming class of college students? Professor Daniel Drezner thinks that the situation isn't as bleak as it seems.
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Business school doesn't want public funds

Sep 7, 2010
UCLA's Anderson School of Management would like to have a more predictable, stable income -- so they want to opt out of millions in state funds. But with California's economy so unstable, the school's wish makes sense.
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New teachers struggle to find jobs

Sep 3, 2010
Since the recession, many new grads have struggled to find jobs. But with steep cuts from district budgets and layoffs, new teachers find it especially challenging to find a position.
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Tag your tots: RFID chips for preschoolers

Sep 1, 2010
By Steve Henn...
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