Changing federal student aid

Oct 25, 2011
Student loan debt is expected to hit $1 trillion this year. The biggest provider of those loans by far is the federal government. Today, a committee in the House is looking into how a big change in the student loan program is working out.
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New tools to calculate the real cost of college

Oct 20, 2011
The sticker price keeps some students from applying to certain universities. But by Oct. 29, colleges will be required to post calculators on their websites that provide a better idea of what students will pay.
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Freakonomics: Tackling the problem of cheating teachers

Oct 18, 2011
Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt discuss why teachers cheat and how we can deal with the problem.
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Mid-day Extra: The 'Tutoring-Industrial Complex'

Oct 17, 2011
With school in full swing, it is the time of year when parents start to seek out tutors. The industry is booming, with tutors costing up to $800 an hour in some cases.
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Pearson launches free college software

Oct 13, 2011
Textbook publisher shakes up the information management business.
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Recovery's no recovery for wages

Oct 10, 2011
Household income keeps falling. Education plays a role.
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Dream Act passes in California

Oct 10, 2011
On Sunday, Gov. Jerry Brown of California passed the state's Dream Act into law, allowing for undocumented students to receive public funding to attend college.
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Top ten list on financial literacy

Oct 7, 2011
Financial literacy matters more than before. Yet it's a safe bet that most young people don't learn much about personal finance at school-...
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College on the cheap

Oct 5, 2011
Texas launches a challenge to create a $10,000 college degree.
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Occupy Wall Street protesters irked by rising student debt in U.S.

Oct 3, 2011
Occupy Wall Street protestors have a list of complaints, including student loan debt. Why?
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