South Carolina debates using surplus for public schools

Jun 29, 2011
The state recently came upon a surprise surplus of money in the budget. Some want to reinstate funds into the K-12 school system, while others argue the money should go back to taxpayers.
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Fairness for historically black colleges

Jun 20, 2011
Maryland and its historically black colleges will try to negotiate a settlement to protect their established academic programs.
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College recruiting goes overseas

Jun 17, 2011
Foreign students pay higher tuition, though some educators see risks if recruiters are paid by commission.
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Rule proposed to regulate college credit hours

Jun 15, 2011
The House Education Committee will take up a bill today aimed at better controlling federally backed student loans and student debt. One new rule would define how accredited schools could define a credit hour.
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Freakonomics: How much influence does a parent have on a child's education?

Jun 14, 2011
A look into the overall influence parents might have on their kids' collegiate futures.
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Most state legislators have college degrees

Jun 13, 2011
The Chronicle of Higher Education says 75 percent of state legislators have earned at least a bachelor's degree.
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The new regulations for for-profit schools

Jun 10, 2011
The White House released new rules for for-profit colleges in an effort to decrease the loan default rate at these schools.
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Considering the actual benefits of college

Jun 8, 2011
There have been many debates recently about whether college is worth its cost in this economy. A study reveals confidence in higher education is low, but people may just be responding to these tough times right now.
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New standards for for-profit colleges

Jun 2, 2011
Rules on federal financial aid press career-oriented schools to prepare students better.
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Some lawmakers target Pell Grants for cuts

May 31, 2011
The government pays out billions in Pell Grants each year. But critics say there are cases of fraud where students don't use the money for education.
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