Americans make progress with debt -- the hard way

Jan 19, 2012
U.S. households are ahead of the other major industrial nations in shedding debts.
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The recovery? Just trucking along...

Jan 13, 2012
We talked to trucker Don Holzschuh last August about he felt about the way things were going economically. Now, a check-in.
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What is it about the economy that bugs you?

Jan 12, 2012
Our Attitude Check this week looks what Americans are concerned about within the economy and also how they feel about the future of their standard of living.
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Super-yacht super sale

Dec 22, 2011
In trying economic times, even the mega-wealthy downsize and bargain-shop.
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Chris Low: Free trade deal with Asian economies is a great idea

Nov 11, 2011
President Obama is in Hawaii today for an APEC meeting. We speak to Chris Low, from FTN Financial, about the possible good that could come out of this weekend.
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Adolfo Laurenti: 'We have a real advantage compared to Europe'

Nov 10, 2011
We speak to Adolfo Laurenti of Mesirow Financial on the ongoing European debt crisis, and whether the U.S. is on the same track.
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Jefferson County, Ala., files for bankruptcy

Nov 10, 2011
The largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history happened in Jefferson County, Ala., yesterday.
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European economic crisis hits some U.S. regions harder

Nov 10, 2011
As Europe's economy continues to sour, the impact here isn't borne equally around the nation. In fact, some regions don't feel it at all.
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Mayors plan for long work ahead

Nov 9, 2011
Three newly elected and re-elected mayors across the U.S. discuss the plans and priorities they have for their cities.
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Julia Coronado: 'We risk losing the potential of a generation'

Nov 7, 2011
Julia Coronado, chief economist with BNP Paribas, talks to us about the crisis in Europe, what political changes could be coming in the U.S., and the problem that more of us should be worried about.
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