Sequester: The good and the bad

Mar 1, 2013
The now-infamous sequestration -- the $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts -- kicks in today. We take a look at the bad and the good that might come out of the process.
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Atlanta works to recover from housing bust

Feb 14, 2013
Atlanta's unemployment rate still tops the national percentage, but city residents hope the worst is finally behind them.
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David Leonhardt on making tough decisions to fix the economy

Feb 13, 2013
The New York Times Washington bureau chief talks about the choices we have to make with respect to our debt and the national deficit.
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U.S. trade deficit plunges

Feb 8, 2013
The nation’s trade deficit plunged in December, likely giving the U.S. economy an unexpected boost to round out the year.
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A larger trade surplus can be a positive sign for U.S.

Feb 8, 2013
Other countries may not be buying as much of our stuff, but our buying more of theirs is an indication of consumer strength.
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What your local coffee shop can tell you about U.S. productivity

Feb 7, 2013
Productivity fell at the end of last year at the fastest pace in two years -- about 2 percent.
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With stocks up, is the individual investor back?

Feb 1, 2013
The Dow jumped almost 6 percent in January -- its best start to the year since 1994. Does this mean the individual investor has returned to the stock market?
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Will jobs numbers follow GDP to show slower economy?

Feb 1, 2013
January unemployment numbers will help economists figure out which direction the economy is headed.
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January layoffs down 24 percent from 2011

Jan 31, 2013
According to a new report, January layoffs were up 24 percent from December but down 24 percent from the previous year, which could indicate relatively low unemployment rates for the month. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is scheduled to release the latest unemployment numbers on Friday.
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How Americans think about the economy and their lives

Jan 31, 2013
When asked about how the economy directly impacts their lives, most Americans give the obvious answers -- and a couple of surprises too.
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