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Second quarter GDP revised upward

Aug 29, 2013
There's news today U.S. economy was surprisingly strong -- once upon a time.
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Durable goods turn out to be a summer flop

Aug 26, 2013
Durable goods orders fell sharply in July.
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Jobless claims hit lowest level since 2007

Aug 8, 2013
The recovery is moving slow and steady.
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Slew of economic data gives mixed signals

Aug 5, 2013
A lot of new data point to a steady, but unclear future for the economy.
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10 economic indicators you haven't thought about

Jun 5, 2013
Trash and lipstick tell the story of the economy. What else?
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Economic indicator: Home and living magazines

Jun 5, 2013
Shelter magazines are on the rebound as the housing industry bounces back. What other lateral signs are there out there?
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Jobs numbers in the spotlight

Oct 4, 2012
When it comes to all of the different indicators used to measure the country’s economic health, especially during the election year, the unemployment rate is the Big Man on Campus.
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Spain gets serious with budget plan, mixed U.S. economic data

Sep 27, 2012
Spain has unveiled an ambitious budget plan. Will it be enough to get the job done? Meanwhile, what does the mixed economic data in the U.S. mean for the economy?
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Consumer confidence vs. consumer sentiment

Aug 28, 2012
Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch explains the difference between consumer confidence and consumer sentiment.
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Economists share unofficial economic indicators

Jul 6, 2012
What baristas and tailors and over-educated sandwich-makers tell us about the economy.
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