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Commerce Department tries to stop big domain expansion

Jan 5, 2012
the dot world slated to open up on Tuesday
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Lawmakers urge delay of domain name expansion

Dec 22, 2011
Nomenclature-plosion set for next month
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Colleges buying up .XXX domains

Dec 12, 2011
No, not for THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter.
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100,000 .XXX domain names go live today

Dec 6, 2011
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TechNuggets: banned websites, Gore loses to Gorbachev, mind reading cars

Sep 29, 2011
Yesterday the American Association of School Librarians organized Banned Website Awareness Day. The New York Times quotes a Chicago librarian...
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Gambling on political domain names

Aug 29, 2011
I guess this is Vegas 3.0. Niels Jeffreys has purchased the domain names and
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