Hackers have been close to causing major damage against government networks

Oct 28, 2011
We talk about hacks against US government computers a lot on Tech Report. That's because we are AT WAR. There are people constantly trying to break...
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US warns China of a vulnerability in its infrastructure software

Jun 17, 2011
The Department of Homeland Security is warning the Chinese government that the software being used to help run China's weapons systems, utilities,...
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Website sues over domain name seizure

Jun 14, 2011
For the past year or so, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (a division of the Department of Homeland Security) has been conducting an...
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Mafiaafire stays up in defiance of the Feds

May 6, 2011
Mozilla is refusing to comply with a Department of Homeland Security demand to remove a Firefox browser extension called Mafiaafire Redirector. The...
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Terror warnings coming to Twitter and Facebook

Apr 8, 2011
The old multi-colored terror alert system is being scrapped and replaced with just two levels: elevated and imminent. Why the lowest level will be...
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