New ad hopes to get consumers excited about PC's again

Oct 16, 2015
Several tech companies have joined forces to prove the PC is mightier.
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A Dell research and development facility in Santa Clara, California.

How much does cheap money affect mega-business deals?

Oct 12, 2015
Dell's $67 billion takeover of EMC storage services relies heavily on debt.
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Dell may be merging with EMC.

Possible Dell and EMC merger on the horizon

Oct 8, 2015
EMC is one of the original developers of what is now known as cloud computing.
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 Dell CEO Michael Dell delivers a keynote address during the 2013 Oracle Open World conference.

Dell reboots as a private company

Nov 4, 2014
Michael Dell launches his newly private Dell computer company.
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PODCAST: Dell CEO Michael Dell

Mar 6, 2014
Dell CEO Michael Dell tells Marketplace his plans to meet future demand. And getting ready for the next unemployment report.
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By 2020, there will be 10 web-connected devices per human

Mar 6, 2014
Dell CEO Michael Dell tells Marketplace his plans to meet future demand.
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Dell shareholders approve $25 billion buyout

Sep 12, 2013
But big questions still remain for the struggling computer technology company.
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10 things Apple could buy with its cash stockpile

Jul 24, 2013
Apple has got a lot of cash -- $146 billion. That's enough to buy 10 Mark Zuckerbergs or treat cancer in the U.S. for over a year.
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Dell shareholders must wait to vote on buyout

Jul 22, 2013
Dell shareholders may want more sweeteners before agreeing to sell the company to Michael Dell and other investors. Usually, shareholders are brought on board before any vote.
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As Dell looks to go private, what's its value?

Mar 22, 2013
Founder Michael Dell looks to take his company private. The deadline for competing bids is today.
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