Defense industry to largely shake off first

Mar 1, 2013
The long-term nature of defense contracts shields the industry from short-term sequester disruptions in areas of the country that depend on military spending, such as St. Louis.
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Wielding the sequester knife: 'There is no manual'

Feb 22, 2013
Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter says the mechanism of the sequester cuts to the Defense Department is "dumb."
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Sequester could cut jobs outside U.S. borders

Feb 21, 2013
Cuts in defense spending as part of the sequester could ripple to suppliers outside the U.S.
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Just how would the 'sequester' affect you?

Feb 7, 2013
For one thing, 63,000 kids would get booted from Head Start.
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Pentagon cuts threaten economies in military towns

Jan 29, 2013
As furloughs loom, worries abound in Warner Robins, Ga.
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D.C.'s economy expects hit from defense cutbacks

Jan 24, 2013
Three big employers dependent on defense spending, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamic all expect cuts to their contracting services.
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Pentagon prepares for cuts -- cliff or no cliff

Dec 31, 2012
Defense contractors are already cutting back as the war in Afghanistan winds down.
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Defense education, training programs at stake if no fiscal deal reached

Nov 30, 2012
If a deal isn't reached on the fiscal cliff, the Defense Department faces half-a-trillion dollars worth of cuts across the board. So why can't lawmakers come to an agreement?
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The fiscal cliff explained (with help from Hollywood)

Sep 28, 2012
You've heard warnings about the economic disaster that could happen if Congress fails to avoid a fiscal cliff. But what is the fiscal cliff anyway? Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch enlists the support of his friends Thelma and Louise in this three-minute explanation.
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Airbus parent company in talks to merge with BAE systems

Sep 13, 2012
The parent company of Airbus, EADS, is in merger talks with the continent's biggest defense contractor, BAE systems. That could put U.S. leaders Boeing and Lockheed Martin playing a little defense themselves.
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