A debt elimination strategy

Oct 5, 2010
Question: Our family of six is currently living in a home that is worth significantly less than the $227,000 we owe on the first mortgage and $35...
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Changes in interest rates

Sep 3, 2010
Question: I am about to take a private education loan to pay for medical school. The banks have made it very clear to me that interest rates on my...
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Which at debt first

Aug 20, 2010
Question: I have three debts that I'm paying off and will have an extra $200/month to put toward repayment....
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Pay down debts

Jun 28, 2010
Question: I have three big debts with 3 different interest rates. The first one is my car with zero percent interest for 4 more years, on which I...
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Auto loan vs student loan

May 4, 2010
Question: Chris. I am trying to figure out the best way to pay my remaining student loan while purchasing a newer car. I have about $10k left on my...
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A financial compromise

Apr 26, 2010
Question: My husband and I save approximately $2500 a month of our combined income. We both also contribute to 401Ks that are matched by our...
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Drowning in debt

Apr 23, 2010
Question: I have a question regarding in what order I should attempt to pay down the debt I have....
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Paying down debt

Apr 21, 2010
Question: My wife and I live in a home that was originally purchased in 2005 for just over 200K with an "80-10-10" loan. 10% down, 10% home equity ...
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Tax savings and a rental property

Apr 19, 2010
Question: I am 23 years old and work in public accounting. I make 50k a year and am currently living with my boyfriend and paying him rent. I am...
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Separated, but with a home

Apr 14, 2010
Question: First of all, I LOVE your show!!! My question requires a little bit of background so please allow me to start from the beginning....
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