Why the U.S. should worry about cyber security

Apr 25, 2012
A former national security official who served in three White Houses explains why the U.S. needs to begin regulating the cyber industry to protect its citizens from theft, or worse.
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Big banks team up against cyber attacks

Jan 10, 2012
Security officials from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are expected to discuss creating a data center that would be responsible for sifting through mounds of secret bank information to signal whether any cyber attacks could happen.
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U.S. Cybersecurity, business, and you

Dec 16, 2011
Do we go the safe route or the private one?
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The U.S. Department of Transportation is serious about cybersecurity

Aug 4, 2011
On Wednesday, the Department of Transportation officially asked the security community for "informed views on the perceived needs, prevailing pra...
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Proposed legislation would punish countries that don't help the US stop cyber attacks

Aug 3, 2011
Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), have introduced The International Cybercrime and Reporting Act, which would hold...
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Biggest cyber-attack ever

Aug 3, 2011
Security company McAfee has just released a paper revealing a massive set of cyber-attacks, infiltrating 72 organizations. Reuters is calling it...
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The US intends to be aggressive in cyberwar in the event it happens and in the event we figure out what it actually is

Jul 20, 2011
As part of her confirmation hearing for Assistant Defense Secretary for Global Strategic Affairs, Senators asked Madelyn Creedon to define the...
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PROTECT IP: Sharper claws, better name

May 11, 2011
Everyone in DC knows that if you want to give your bill a good shot at passing, you need two things:...
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Oh good: FBI says many agents assigned to cyber crime don't know what they're doing

Apr 29, 2011
In a sign that everything is falling apart and hackers will soon own America, the FBI is admitting that agents assigned to cyber crime lack the in...
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Cybersecurity at the House

Mar 16, 2011
The House Committee on Homeland Security holds a hearing at 10am Eastern called "Examining the Cyber Threat to Critical Infrastructure and the...
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