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Trading currencies

Apr 30, 2010
Question: My husband has been looking into Forex trading. There is software to buy and initial investment. I am concerned that this is all a scam....
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A dollar collapse

Dec 10, 2009
Question: Will personal debt be devalued like government debt when Obama devalues the dollar and please don't act like he won't do that 3rd quarter...
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Planning on living abroad

Nov 27, 2009
Question: My wife and I might eventually move abroad, for a couple of years, maybe for good (to Europe?). Should we install our retirement funds...
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Foreign bonds

Nov 25, 2009
Question: Hey Chris, I've been listening to you since the "old days" with Sound Money. Good shows. Anyway, we know that a sound portfolio should...
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A dollar collapse

Nov 3, 2009
Question: My husband's paranoid web sites are now predicting the collapse of the dollar by the end of the year. They say that other countries are...
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Buying gold

Sep 11, 2009
Question: What is the best way to add some gold to your investment portfolio? It is best to buy shares in a mutual fund, or just buy gold? Andrew,...
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Special Drawing Rights

Aug 28, 2009
Question: Can an individual buy IMF SDR'S? If so, how? Thank you for considering my question. Willy, Medford, WI...
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