From the Road: Euro Angst

Jan 12, 2011
Is Europe on the verge of throwing out it its single currency? You hear whispers of that, in the face of strains on the continent's monetary uni...
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The U.S., China and the yuan

Sep 29, 2010
For years now, the U.S. has been pushing China to let its currency float. Back in 2007, when I was in graduate school working for Voice of America...
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China's currency

May 10, 2010
Question: Given that the Chinese government appears to be acknowledging that mainland banks are lending too freely (witness the increase in...
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Trading currencies

Apr 30, 2010
Question: My husband has been looking into Forex trading. There is software to buy and initial investment. I am concerned that this is all a scam....
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A dollar collapse

Dec 10, 2009
Question: Will personal debt be devalued like government debt when Obama devalues the dollar and please don't act like he won't do that 3rd quarter...
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Planning on living abroad

Nov 27, 2009
Question: My wife and I might eventually move abroad, for a couple of years, maybe for good (to Europe?). Should we install our retirement funds...
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Foreign bonds

Nov 25, 2009
Question: Hey Chris, I've been listening to you since the "old days" with Sound Money. Good shows. Anyway, we know that a sound portfolio should...
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A dollar collapse

Nov 3, 2009
Question: My husband's paranoid web sites are now predicting the collapse of the dollar by the end of the year. They say that other countries are...
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Buying gold

Sep 11, 2009
Question: What is the best way to add some gold to your investment portfolio? It is best to buy shares in a mutual fund, or just buy gold? Andrew,...
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Special Drawing Rights

Aug 28, 2009
Question: Can an individual buy IMF SDR'S? If so, how? Thank you for considering my question. Willy, Medford, WI...
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