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Crude oil smells bad and could kill you

Nov 4, 2015
Bloomberg's Tracy Alloway on her harrowing quest to buy a barrel of crude oil.
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Pipes are stacked at the southern site of the Keystone XL pipeline in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma oil hub on quake alert

Oct 15, 2015
Earthquakes could threaten the U.S.'s most important storage site for crude oil.
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Oil prices up, but Iran is in way of going much higher

Oct 8, 2015
If U.S. production falls, Iran is ready to export more.
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Oil pumps in operation at an oilfield near central Los Angeles. Domestic oil production has increased dramatically in recent years.

Push to lift ban on crude oil exports gains steam

Sep 29, 2015
The ban has been in place for four decades.
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A general view shows oil pumping jacks and drilling pads at the Kern River Oil Field where the principle operator is the Chevron Corporation in Bakersfield, California.

Five guys bet on the price of oil in 2015

Sep 11, 2015
The cost has dropped so low that none of them are close.
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Why gas prices are likely to keep falling

Sep 4, 2015
Even if crude oil prices rise, the end of summer reduces demand for gas.
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China devalued its currency, the yuan, this week.

Weekly Wrap: China's yuan and a 3rd Greece bailout

Aug 14, 2015
Catherine Rampell and Sudeep Reddy join Kai Ryssdal to recap the week in business and finance.
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Oil pumps in operation at an oilfield near central Los Angeles.

Energy companies lose $1.3 trillion amid oil crash

Aug 6, 2015
A number so big, it almost seems like it doesn't mean anything.
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Oil pumps in operation at an oilfield near central Los Angeles.

Crude oil is plunging ... again

Jul 27, 2015
The cost is at a 4-month low. What's going on?
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Iranian oil gush could push prices down

Jul 15, 2015
Once sanctions are lifted, Tehran will rush to exploit its oil and gas reserves.
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