Moody's escapes fraud charges

Sep 1, 2010
The SEC said it will not seek fraud charges against the ratings agency Moody's for claims that it inflated ratings on some European debt just before the financial crisis. Plus, watch a video explainer on how ratings agencies get paid by the companies they rate.
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Wal-Mart turns to high court for lawsuit

Aug 26, 2010
The world's biggest retailer is asking the Supreme Court to weigh in on a massive sex-discrimination lawsuit against the company. Wal-Mart says the class action case could include more than a million women and should be stopped. Amy Scott reports.
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On the lookout for cattle rustlers

Aug 25, 2010
Someone -- or some group -- is stealing cows from the Oregon backcountry, and ranchers and law enforcement are scrambling to protect their herds and catch the thieves.
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Detroit may cut felony box on job apps

Aug 24, 2010
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Many job applications have a special box to check if you have. But advocates for ex-cons say the question handcuffs those who want to stay on the straight and narrow through legitimate employment. Sarah Hulett reports Detroit is the latest city to consider banning the box.
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Was Lockerbie bomber released as part of a business deal?

Aug 19, 2010
A Scottish judge released the Lockerbie Bomber last year, on the grounds that he had less than three months to live. But a year later, he's still alive -- and critics are suspicious that his release had something to do with BP's acquisition of Libyan oil fields.
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NJ, SEC settle securities fraud case

Aug 19, 2010
The Securities and Exchange Commission has settled its case against New Jersey. Reporter Gregory Warner talks with Bill Radke about the case, which is the first time a state has been charged with securities fraud.
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Will SEC exercise new reform powers?

Aug 9, 2010
Provisions in the financial regulatory reforms could encourage huge numbers of new cases against companies. The provisions let the SEC give big financial payouts to whistle blowers whose info leads to successful enforcement action. Alisa Roth reports the agency's also making more use of the tools it already had.
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Susan G. Komen fights for trademark

Aug 5, 2010
Susan G. Komen For the Cure, the breast cancer charity, has warned several other charities to stay away from its trademarked phrase: "Race for the Cure." And watch out if you use the color pink. Janet Babin reports.
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Intel antitrust settlement will change how it prices, markets chips

Aug 4, 2010
Intel has settled a major antitrust case with the Federal Trade Commission which could lead to lower prices and more innovation going forward.
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Illegal immigrant 'snitches' use up 10,000 visas in crime-assistance

Aug 3, 2010
Illegal immigrants who report being the victim of a major crime can get working papers to cooperate with police. This year, enough illegal immigrants reported crimes to use up all 10,000 allotted visa slots.
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