Minutemen keep watch over founder

Mar 21, 2007
Jim Gilchrist was ousted by his own company's board for allegedly using a large portion of the Minuteman's funds to promote his own book. Today a California judge will decide who gets to lead the organization.
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Qwesting for a way to avoid jail

Mar 19, 2007
Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio is on trial for charges of selling off $100 million in stocks on insider tips. Amy Scott looks into his defense strategy.
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In Colombia, it pays to be protected

Mar 19, 2007
Chiquita pleaded guilty to paying paramilitary groups to protect its business in Colombia. But the banana producer isn't alone in paying for protection. Dan Grech reports.
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Rocky Mountain insider-trading trial

Mar 19, 2007
Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio goes on trial today in Denver on charges of insider trading. Nacchio profited mightily before the telecom giant's stock collapsed. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Mr. Black, about that missing $84 million . . .

Mar 14, 2007
Canadian media mogul Conrad Black went on trial for fraud in Chicago today. Kai Ryssdal talks about the case against Black with reporter James Langton of The Daily Telegraph in London.
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Media circus comes to town

Mar 14, 2007
Former newspaper tycoon Conrad Black goes on trial for fraud in Chicago today. He and his co-defendants are accused of siphoning about $84 million from media giant Hollinger International.
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Old media sues new media

Mar 13, 2007
Media conglomerate Viacom has sued Google and YouTube for a cool billion dollars, complaining about what it calls YouTube's brazen disregard for intellectual property law. Lisa Napoli reports.
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FBI not following law of the letters

Mar 9, 2007
A report says FBI investigators have been playing fast and loose with national security letters, which give them access to businesses' private customer information. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Police wanted, training optional

Mar 8, 2007
They're armed with guns and badges, but are they trained? Faced with shortages, some local police forces are taking advantage of grace periods that allow new officers to delay academy training — for up to two years in some states.
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Ruling could hit Internet radio's stop button

Mar 7, 2007
Web broadcasters are warning lawmakers about a sharp increase in federally-mandated music royalties they say could drive them out of business. Bob Moon reports.
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