Battle of the sweeteners

Apr 6, 2007
Splenda has overtaken the sugar substitutes market, but little blue rival Equal says it's only done so with deceptive marketing claims. The case goes before a Philadelphia court Monday.
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Five-finger discounts come out of your pocket

Apr 5, 2007
A national Internet database being launched on Monday will help retailers defend their products against in-store theft. Jeff Tyler looks at the hidden costs consumers pay for shoplifters.
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Wal-Mart under investigation for spying

Apr 5, 2007
Wal-Mart's been accused of spying on private citizens, vendors and shareholders alike. So far no one's saying those practices broke laws, but a U.S. attorney has been looking into it.
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Student loan kickbacks get kicked back

Apr 3, 2007
Eight universities will reimburse students over $3 million to settle charges that they accepted kickbacks to steer them toward "preferred lenders." Citibank is paying up too, but many other schools and lenders are still under investigation.
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Not everything is computing at Dell

Mar 30, 2007
Dell says an internal accounting investigation has uncovered evidence of misconduct. And the SEC's poking around the company's books, too. It's enough to make investors nervous. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Are you on the no-buy list?

Mar 27, 2007
A report says a government document meant to keep terrorists from buying stuff in the U.S. is being used by businesses to deny services to innocent people. Janet Babin reports.
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Mar 27, 2007
The Supreme Court takes up a case today that could have big implications on Wall Street. Investment banks are accused of conspiring to inflate IPO prices during the '90s dot-com boom and subsequent bust. And a whole lotta money hangs in the balance.
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Who controls the price of things?

Mar 26, 2007
The Supreme Court hears a case today that could change the rules of retail. It'll decide whether manufacturers or stores have the right to set the minimum price of products we buy.
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Grand theft corporate

Mar 23, 2007
Oracle is suing rival software giant SAP, saying it hacked into its support sites with Oracle customer logins. SAP allegedly accessed proprietary information and then used it to undercut Oracle rates in order to steal its customers.
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Filters will do just fine

Mar 22, 2007
The Child Online Protection Act was declared unconstitutional today. It's been tied up in the courts since it passed nine years ago at the dawn of the Internet Age. Pat Loeb reports.
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