'The best Marketplace segment ever!'

Apr 27, 2007
(...based on a Friday morning theater story out of London April.) A European law set to take effect next year bans advertising that aims to deceive consumers, which means promoters will have to stop pulling misleading quotes from bad reviews.
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No extra royalties for play-and-save downloads

Apr 26, 2007
Visitors to sites such as iTunes and AOL can listen and watch as they dowload files — and ASCAP sued, saying artists should get royalties both for the music and the performance as it downloads.
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Sarbanes-Oxley may be only part of the problem

Apr 24, 2007
Congress' attempt to fix corporate misbehavior is now blamed for driving business out of U.S. markets. But Benn Steil of the Council on Foreign Relations tells Kai Ryssdal that's not entirely true.
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One boat piece at a time

Apr 24, 2007
A man in Britain was convicted yesterday of stealing hundreds of boat parts from his employer, sneaking them out one-by-one in his toolbox to build his own luxury liner.
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U.S. needs a prescription for gun control

Apr 18, 2007
When a seriously depressed person requires an antidepressant, he needs a doctor's permission. If a person wants to buy a gun, he needs only two forms of ID. Commentator Robert Reich has some thoughts about that.
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Court puts bank regulation in federal hands

Apr 17, 2007
The nation's banks got some good news from the U.S. Supreme Court today. It ruled states can't make their own rules for bank subsidiaries. But the decision has consumer groups worried. John Dimsdale reports.
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Congress tinkers with patent law

Apr 16, 2007
Small businesses have been pleading for patent reform, and Congress is expected this week to unwrap legislation to change the system. But some fear it might unintentionally dry up the flow of venture capital.
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Be nice to bank robbers

Apr 16, 2007
That's right, go ahead and kill 'em with kindness. FBI agents in Seattle are training bank employees in the robbery-plagued city to identify and approach suspicious customers, and the program seems to be working.
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Student-loan deals draw legal interest

Apr 10, 2007
Investigations into the student loan industry continue to widen. Kai Ryssdal talks with education policy expert Stephen Burd about how schools and lenders are trying to sort things out.
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Bush touts immigration policy at the border

Apr 9, 2007
President Bush visited Yuma, Ariz., today, calling attention to his administration's emphasis on controlling illegal immigration at the border and the workplace. Dan Grech reports.
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