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Mortgage fraud's costs go beyond the loan

Jun 7, 2007
Widespread mortgage fraud has completely skewed home prices in some neighborhoods and raised questions about the late days of the housing boom. Mhari Saito reports.
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NYC sees money in gay marriage

Jun 6, 2007
New York City's comptroller says the Big Apple would net $142 million during the first three years of legalized gay marriage, mainly from the uptick in visitors attending the nuptials. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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FTC not Wild about Whole merger thing

Jun 6, 2007
A potential merger of the two top "natural" foods chains triggers anti-trust concerns, but they argue that traditional supermarkets are offering the same organic options. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Massachusetts goes after mortgage predators

Jun 1, 2007
The Bay State's attorney general is cracking down on scam artists who promise to rescue homeowners from foreclosure but are actually out to steal their homes. Steve Tripoli reports.
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FCC calls for cell phone locator service

May 31, 2007
One of the top reasons we carry cell phones is to have a lifeline to help in case of emergency. But there are still big holes in the safety net — like 9-1-1 not being able to locate your call — and the FCC wants to fill them. Steve Henn reports.
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ACLU sues company for alleged role with CIA

May 30, 2007
The American Civil Liberties Union is suing a unit of Boeing Co., charging that it assisted the CIA in abducting suspect foreigners to overseas prisons where it says they were held and tortured. Bob Moon reports.
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Victim of discrimination? The clock's ticking

May 29, 2007
The Supreme Court ruled today that if you wait too long to bring a discrimination lawsuit, you're out of luck. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Death for kickbacks in China

May 29, 2007
A former Chinese official has been sentenced to death for accepting bribes from drug companies. The decision is meant to send a warning to regulators there — and to do a little foreign damage control, reports Scott Tong.
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BetonSports pleads guilty, guilty, guilty

May 25, 2007
British online gaming company BetonSports has made a deal with the feds. It'll pay a whopping fine and admit to several felony charges <i>and</i> help prosecutors make a case against its former CEO. Stephen Beard reports.
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Sports leagues get tough on crime

May 24, 2007
As athletes continue to make headlines for crimes and other behavior not befitting their role model status, pro sports leagues are starting to tighten the reigns of player conduct. But real change will come slowly, says David Carter.
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