Your thoughts on Chinese adoptions

May 5, 2010
Are you shocked to hear about China's questionable adoption practices? Read the reactions of some Americans who have adopted Chinese babies. And share your thoughts on Scott Tong's coverage of Chinese adoptions.
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FDIC goes after holding firms for cash

May 4, 2010
When a bank fails the FDIC comes in to clean up the mess, and it's a costly proposition. So the FDIC is looking for new ways to recoup funds. Dan Bobkoff reports on a new solution in an Ohio courtroom.
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Arizona faces immigrant law backlash

Apr 27, 2010
Arizona's tough new legislation targeting undocumented immigrants has made the state itself a target. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Law tackles U.K. caste discrimination

Apr 22, 2010
With more than 2 million citizens of Indian extraction, there have been increasing complaints from lower caste Dalits about discrimination. A new law addresses the problem. Stephen Beard reports.
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A gov't crackdown on distracted drivers

Apr 8, 2010
The Obama administration has announced a new project to help police officers in two states prevent drivers from becoming distracted. Collin Campbell reports.
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Impact of China's Rio Tinto ruling on biz

Mar 29, 2010
A Chinese court has sentenced four Rio Tinto employees up to 14 years in prison for accepting bribes and stealing commercial secrets. Amy Scott reports on what the ruling means for multinationals doing business in China.
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Rio Tinto sentence a 'wake-up call'

Mar 29, 2010
Some in the business world see the prison sentence of a top Rio Tinto executive as a severe wake-up call to those who engage in bribery and other illegal business practices in China. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Scott Tong.
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Daimler in U.S. court for foreign bribery

Mar 24, 2010
German automaker Daimler has been charged with corruption, bribing officials in 22 countries. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Stephen Beard about why a U.S. court is handling a case of foreign corruption.
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Antitrust issues put heat on Monsanto

Mar 10, 2010
The U.S. Justice and Agriculture departments are holding a workshop on agricultural antitrust issues, and it appears investigations of seed maker Monsanto are widening. Sarah Gardner reports.
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AZ immigration law may be too hard

Mar 8, 2010
Some say the measures in a hard-line immigration bill likely to pass in the Arizona legislature would go too far. Jeff Tyler reports the bill would also have potentially high costs for the state police department.
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