Economy leaving jury boxes empty

Jun 23, 2010
Courtrooms are finding it increasingly difficult to put bodies in their jury boxes. Jury duty can take a significant toll on the unemployed.
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A lost generation of new lawyers?

Jun 21, 2010
A lot of last year's top law school grads were expecting to head straight to the country's biggest, most prestigious law firms after passing the bar exam. But big law lost a lot of business as the economy shrank. And that has led to a pile-up of legal talent. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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FCC to vote on regulating broadband

Jun 17, 2010
The Federal Communication Commission is likely to vote today to go ahead and seek public comment on three different plans to regulate broadband. Steve Chiotakis learns more about net neutrality from analyst Rob Enderle.
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Case spotlights sophisticated investors

Jun 11, 2010
Merrill Lynch is being sued by wealthy investors, who lost millions of dollars after buying some complex pools of mortgages that went bad. The people who bought those pools were allowed to do so because they were considered sophisticated investors. Jeremy Hobson reports on why that term is so important.
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Swiss lawmakers derail U.S.-UBS deal

Jun 8, 2010
The lower house of Switzerland's parliament voted down a deal struck last summer between U.S. officials and the Swiss bank UBS to reveal the names of account holders who authorities say owe taxes. Alisa Roth reports on the impact of the vote.
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Label sues man for selling promo CDs on eBay

Jun 7, 2010
Label sues man for selling promo CDs on eBay
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W. Fargo loses fraud case, to pay $30m

Jun 4, 2010
A jury in Minnesota says Wells Fargo owes $30 million to four nonprofits who trusted the bank to look after their money. Jurors say the bank stopped looking after its clients' best interests and started looking after its own. Jeff Horwich reports.
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Google admits it was wrong to collect WiFi data

Jun 4, 2010
Google has begun handing over personal and commercial data collected during its street view service in European countries, which may have included bank account numbers.
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When counterfeit cash comes from the government

May 26, 2010
If a business gives you your change in counterfeit money, you're probably out of luck unless you can prove it right there on the spot. But what if the fake money comes from an arm of the federal government?
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Clamping down on counterfeit textiles

May 21, 2010
Lawmakers from North and South Carolina are about to introduce a bill in Congress that will step up enforcement against so-called counterfeit textiles. Those are brands labeled "Made in the U.S."
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