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Get a credit card

Jul 14, 2009
Question: Hi! I charged up a few credit cards when I was in college and used credit counseling to pay them off. This has been paid off for five...
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How many credit cards

Jun 29, 2009
Question: I have paid off all my credit cards, and am now looking to work on one car loan and then my student loans after that. I am trying to...
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Make minimum credit card payments

Jun 9, 2009
Question: I recently gave 2 weeks notice at my job which I recognize is slightly insane in this economy, but I'm confident that it was the right...
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Loan payment fees

Jun 3, 2009
Question: You mentioned on your May 22nd show that credit card companies will no longer be allowed to make people pay for phone and online payments...
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Small business credit card

Jun 1, 2009
Question: We started a small business in July 08. We received an Advanta business credit card with a $20,000 credit line. It was perfect for me and...
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Home equity and credit cards

May 7, 2009
Question: I have a $16,000.00 credit card balance with Chase at 3.99 % until balance is paid off. I also have a home equity credit line that would...
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I-bonds at 0%

May 5, 2009
Question: Every May and November I download the redemption values for my I Bonds. I use the program called "Savings Bond Wizard" that goes to the...
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Credit counseling

Apr 1, 2009
Question: I have, unfortunately, managed to rack up about $30,000 in credit card debt. Financially I'm okay and working to pay off the debt and not...
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A bad credit card experience

Mar 13, 2009
Question: I just had an extremely frustrating conversation with my credit card company (Bank of America). I wanted to get your thoughts. Larke,...
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Pay off credit card

Feb 17, 2009
Question: Out of the clear blue sky, I got a notice that my Capital One Platinum credit card rate is being raised from 4.99% to 13.99. I have a...
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