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Credit problems

Aug 26, 2009
Question: I think that my daughter is in deep credit card debt. I would like to pay off some of her credit cards. Is that possible to do on my own...
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Closing credit card account

Aug 25, 2009
Question: I have a high interest credit card--24.9% with Bank of America, with a large balance $12,000. I am closing the account and Bank of...
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New credit card

Aug 22, 2009
Question: My MasterCard company (Citicards) recently sent me a letter saying that my card number had been compromised by a large-scale theft of...
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Debit cards safe

Aug 14, 2009
Question: A year ago, I made the decision to use my debit card more and credit cards less. I currently have no debt - good feeling! I recently...
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Automatic bill payment

Aug 13, 2009
Question: I understand that credit card companies take a dim view of certain credit-using behavior when deciding on your interest rate. For...
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Home equity line of credit

Jul 29, 2009
Question: I have a $50,000 mortgage on my condo and was just approved for a $150,000 equity line of credit (no processing fees). I have no...
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29% interest rate

Jul 24, 2009
Question: I am rec'ing notices that my credit card rates are jumping to 29%. I owe about 35K. I tried to get a consolidation loan to pay them off...
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Get a credit card

Jul 14, 2009
Question: Hi! I charged up a few credit cards when I was in college and used credit counseling to pay them off. This has been paid off for five...
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How many credit cards

Jun 29, 2009
Question: I have paid off all my credit cards, and am now looking to work on one car loan and then my student loans after that. I am trying to...
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Make minimum credit card payments

Jun 9, 2009
Question: I recently gave 2 weeks notice at my job which I recognize is slightly insane in this economy, but I'm confident that it was the right...
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