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Credit score, not

Jul 14, 2010
Question: One of my two credit cards will begin charging an annual fee this year. I have had this card for ten years and always pay the entire...
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Debt or savings

Jul 2, 2010
Question: I owe over $10,000 on a single credit card, but I have a fixed interest rate of 3.99% for the life of the balance as long as don't make...
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Close accounts

Jun 2, 2010
Question: My wife and I have two credit cards which we don't want anymore. We never use them and we pay 5.00 per month on one of them....
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Student loans vs credit cards

May 20, 2010
Question: I have about 10K in credit card debt that I stupidly accumulated in undergrad and after college before I was able to land a job. I have...
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Credit cards vs student loans

May 14, 2010
Question: I was recently able to lock my existing credit card debt in at 1.99% or less for the next 6 months, which is lower than the roughly 3.5%...
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Credit cards and credit scores

May 3, 2010
Question: I use my credit cards for the sole purpose of building credit. I do not have a long credit history, I make a small monthly purchase on...
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Cosigning credit card

Apr 29, 2010
Question: My 25 year old son, Jason, has always bought everything with cash and now finds himself unable to get a credit card even from his own...
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Cash or credit

Apr 28, 2010
Question: I understand that merchants are paying a 1 to 5 percent transaction fee every time I use my credit card. It would seem logical that I...
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Drowning in debt

Apr 23, 2010
Question: I have a question regarding in what order I should attempt to pay down the debt I have....
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Annual credit card fee of $60

Apr 20, 2010
Question: Last week, I received a notice from a credit card company informing me that they were going to start assessing a $60 annual fee on my...
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