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Cosigning credit card

Apr 29, 2010
Question: My 25 year old son, Jason, has always bought everything with cash and now finds himself unable to get a credit card even from his own...
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Cash or credit

Apr 28, 2010
Question: I understand that merchants are paying a 1 to 5 percent transaction fee every time I use my credit card. It would seem logical that I...
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Drowning in debt

Apr 23, 2010
Question: I have a question regarding in what order I should attempt to pay down the debt I have....
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Annual credit card fee of $60

Apr 20, 2010
Question: Last week, I received a notice from a credit card company informing me that they were going to start assessing a $60 annual fee on my...
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Credit protection

Apr 15, 2010
Question: I would like to know about the protection that is offered to keep your credit safe is worth the cost. Michael, Riverside, CA...
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Paying off credit card

Mar 11, 2010
Question: I am trying to pay off my credit card. However, the interest rate is so high (%17.9) that it's really hard to get ahead. I owe &7,000...
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Two credit cards?

Mar 8, 2010
Question: I use only a single credit card. Another card that I paid off has sent me a new card to renew this account. I have only a small savings...
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Slashed line of credit

Mar 1, 2010
Question: My credit card company recently reduced my credit limit by $8000 despite the fact that I've never had a late payment and I normally pay...
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Credit cards interest rates

Feb 24, 2010
Question: I've had an account with "Capital One" for a very long time (it must be around 10 years). Never had a late payment, never went anywhere...
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Closing credit card accounts--again

Dec 22, 2009
Question: I just got my first notice from a credit card that my interest rate is going up ... to over 20%! It's a card I haven't used in years and...
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