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Late payments on credit cards near historic lows

Aug 13, 2013
Credit card delinquencies fall to their lowest level in nearly 20 years. One reason: people are paying their credit card bills before other bills.
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How to choose the best credit card for you

Aug 2, 2013
Advice on how to take advantage of credit card offers without letting credit companies take advantage of you.
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Your credit questions answered

Aug 2, 2013
From credit cards to credit scores, personal finance expert Louis Barajas answers your questions about getting in and out of debt.
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Your first credit card stories

Aug 2, 2013
Listeners tell us about their first credit cards.
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Five credit tips

Aug 1, 2013
Remember these five tips on credit and debt from today's Marketplace Money.
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Financial Feud: Earn reward miles vs. Avoid the bills

Jun 27, 2013
What do you think of airline credit cards: a great way to earn miles or a pain in the neck? Our experts help a listener named Debbie resolve the financial feud she's been having with her husband. See what they say and weigh in.
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Why your credit card's magnetic strip is vulnerable

May 10, 2013
Despite knowing a swipe card’s magnetic strip is vulnerable, U.S. banks haven’t moved to a more secure system. Why?
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Consumer watchdog bares it all; Banks complain

Mar 29, 2013
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has dumped over 100,000 complaints, in 11 computer languages, for “civic hacking.” Banks complain that it’s not filtered for accurate complaints.
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New credit card swipe fees could hit consumers

Feb 1, 2013
Merchants can now pass the credit card processing fees they pay on to consumers.
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Drug use and debt: A credit card for recovering addicts

Feb 1, 2013
A new prepaid debit card targeted at former substance abusers aims to keep the holder's spending on a very short leash.
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