U.S. reportedly investigating Chinese companies' reverse mergers

Sep 30, 2011
Chinese high-tech stock prices are dropping, in part because of a manufacturing slow down, and in part because of an investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.
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The downsides to trade with China

Sep 27, 2011
There are signs that Chinese imports are negatively impacting the U.S.
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Apple cuts iPad 2 production by 25%

Sep 26, 2011
Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is reducing orders all along the Chinese supply chain for the iPad 2, which will also mean a significant...
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U.S. companies in China: Polluters or scapegoats?

Sep 21, 2011
Although U.S. companies like Conoco-Phillips have been accused of violating environmental laws in China, many think they're being unfairly targeted in a land that lets Chinese companies brazenly violate pollution laws.
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Chinese press comes down hard on alleged Apple pollution

Sep 21, 2011
Apple is hammered by China's media for alleged air and water pollution. Will this negative coverage change the behavior of Chinese suppliers who actually run the factories?
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Would Chinese investment in the U.S. encourage hiring?

Sep 15, 2011
At the World Economic Forum, the premier of China said that opening up American markets to more Chinese investment would create jobs in the U.S.
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Infrastructure projects in China spike, but not for long

Sep 13, 2011
Currently, China is far outpacing the U.S. in building projects like high-speed rail. But its success is largely due to a lack of regulation and public outcry, and that might not always be the case.
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El Cinco machines fired up and pumping out units

Sep 8, 2011
(We call the imminent iPhone 5 "El Cinco" around these parts because it enhances the air of mystery surrounding the product). All Things D reports...
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Chinese environmental groups blast Apple for toxic waste

Sep 1, 2011
A coalition of Chinese environmental groups issued a 46-page report on Wednesday criticizing Apple for environmental degradation in China resulting...
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China cracks down on microblogging

Aug 31, 2011
China's state-supported news agency issued an advisory on Tuesday that Internet providers and police do more to crack down on "toxic rumors" on...
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