Kung Fu Pandas are the first DreamWorks films to be online in China

Aug 31, 2011
DreamWorks Animation struck a deal with Chinese Internet-video company to distribute Kung Fu Pandas 1&2. Most Chinese who see...
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China's ties to Gaddafi mean it could lose out in Libya

Aug 30, 2011
China's stake in Libya was threatened when the rebels began fighting against the Gaddafi regime. Now that the transitional government has taken over, Chinese leaders hope to gain back some economic ground in the country.
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Obama might want to get a bootleg copy of this show

Aug 25, 2011
What if you were watching, say Anderson Cooper reporting on the military, and he happened to show, I don't know, a high-ranking official teaching...
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China's auto boom

Aug 24, 2011
With nearly 17 million cars sold in China last year, the country has overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest car-buying market. How will this change China?
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Is debt the kryptonite of America's "superpower" status?

Aug 19, 2011
The U.S. owes $1.5 trillion to China. That indebtedness could mean politically tricky times ahead
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iPad 3 is on the way

Aug 19, 2011
So says the WSJ which reports that component makers are ramping up for a big launch in the spring of next year. The big selling point of this seems...
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Political prisoners in China are suing Cisco

Aug 18, 2011
For providing tech the Chinese Communist Party. The Sydney Morning Herald quotes the lawyer who is leading the case: "Dating back to the early...
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Pakistan gives China a peek under our stealth tech hood. Or did they?

Aug 16, 2011
The NY Times published a piece on Sunday about how Pakistan likely showed Chinese engineers the pieces of the American Black Hawk helicopter that...
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In China, signs translated into English baffle

Aug 11, 2011
With rising tourism, more Chinese signs are translated into English, often inaccurately. Some call the resultant puzzling hybrid "Chinglish."
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Asia and Europe react to U.S. debt downgrade

Aug 8, 2011
How Europe is dealing with the U.S. downgrade news, in light of its own debt problems, and the latest on China's reactions as the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt
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