China offers $20 billion in aid to Africa

Jul 19, 2012
China held a forum with African leaders today, offering $20 billion in loans to countries throughout the continent over the next three years. The pledge almost doubles China's previous aid to Africa, strengthening a relationship that has attracted a lot of criticism from the West.
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Chinese companies predict falling profits

Jul 18, 2012
Some of China's biggest companies are warning that profits for the first half of this year could be cut in half. It's the latest evidence of an economic slowdown in China and gives you a sense of how big that slowdown might be.
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Chinese exports help boost economy over India

Jul 18, 2012
It wasn't long ago that many thought India's growth rates could surpass those of its long-time rival, China. But China retains the upper hand in that relationship, thanks in part to its exports.
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Rising wages in China could be good news for U.S.

Jul 15, 2012
Wages rose 13 percent for Chinese urban households so far this year and the boost in buying power is good for businesses, including American ones.
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Why U.S. Olympians wear made-in-China uniforms

Jul 13, 2012
Unlike the teams of other countries, the U.S. Olympic team is privately financed, relying on sponsors and contributions. And its clothing sponsor has factories in China.
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China reports slower GDP growth at 7.6%

Jul 13, 2012
Economic growth numbers from China did not fail to live up to the hype. China's GDP growth slowed in the latest quarter to to 7.6 percent -- the slowest in three years.
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China braces for slower GDP growth

Jul 12, 2012
For the past few years, China has had much higher economic growth rates than we're seeing in the U.S. But when China releases its latest GDP figures tomorrow, forecasters are expecting the worst growth in three years.
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The Street of Eternal Happiness: The Migrant

Jul 11, 2012
Meet Zhao Silin: Migrant, factory worker, mother, and owner of a tiny flower shop on Changle Road in Shanghai, otherwise known as The Street of Eternal Happiness.
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Transparency International scolds U.S. financial companies

Jul 10, 2012
Corruption watchdog group Transparency International released a report today admonishing big business to do more to crack down on corruption. The report slams companies from China and Russia along with American financial services corporations.
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China works on importing North Korean workers

Jul 5, 2012
Despite being the biggest country in the world, China is having something of a labor shortage. So it's importing tens of thousands of North Koreans to work in low-wage jobs in factories.
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