Economic data shows continued slowdown in China

Aug 9, 2012
The latest economic data out of China show a continued slowdown there. New numbers on factory output and retail sales came in below expectations this morning.
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In China, fallen politician Bo Xilai still has fans

Aug 9, 2012
Bo Xilai faces corruption allegations. His wife is charged with murder, but in Chongqing, the city he formerly administered, he still has admirers.
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China cracks down on fake drugs

Aug 6, 2012
In China, officials have arrested more than 2,000 people involved in the country's vast counterfeit drug industry.
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For China, the Olympics are more than a game

Aug 2, 2012
China's government sees winning gold medals as a key affirmation of the country's worth. Athletes who don't come first can get a frosty reception.
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India more tolerant of power losses than China would be

Jul 31, 2012
Indian electricity bosses are less accountable than their Chinese counterparts even though India is a democracy and China a one-party state.
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In China, thousands protest against pollution

Jul 30, 2012
Weekend protests about waste from a paper mill near Shanghai are the latest sign of rising public anger over environmental pollution.
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No surprise Team USA uniform was made in China

Jul 26, 2012
U.S. clothing makers may not beat China on price, but can on technological innovation.
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China wants oil company with U.S. assets

Jul 24, 2012
Analysts don't expect a replay of the fight that stopped CNOOC from buying Unocal.
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Anger towards government follows in wake of Beijing flood

Jul 23, 2012
In Beijing, six months-worth of rain fell over the weekend. The storm has reportedly killed 37 people; almost 60,000 are out of their homes. Anger is reportedly turning from Mother Nature to the government.
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In China talks, trade and human rights don't mix

Jul 23, 2012
Concern about China's human rights actions may be rising in the U.S., especially after its veto of U.N. sanctions against Syria, but they're not likely to be part of annual trade talks.
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