The Street of Eternal Happiness: Mr. Qiu meets the President

Oct 19, 2012
In this latest installment of a monthly series about the people who make their living along Changle Road in Shanghai, Qiu Huanxi remembers the week President Richard Nixon came to the Street of Eternal Happiness to change history.
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Is China engineering its own economic slowdown?

Oct 18, 2012
China's third-quarter GDP data shows the country grew at its weakest pace in three and a half years and is on track for its slowest annual growth since 1999.
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Anti-China rhetoric belies U.S. economic ties

Oct 16, 2012
Mitt Romney says Obama policies force U.S. to borrow money from China. But Japan is about to overtake China as largest holder of U.S. debt.
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Economists predict slower growth for China

Oct 16, 2012
Economic forecasters in China say quarterly growth figures, set to be released Thursday, will be lower than officials were expecting.
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China snubs Japan with IMF no-show

Oct 10, 2012
As China and Japan are disputing island territories, the head of China's central bank will be a no-show at this week's meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Japan.
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Congress calls Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE a threat

Oct 8, 2012
A new report from the House Intelligence Committee calls for investigations into two Chinese telecommunications suppliers.
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Congressional committee suspicious of Chinese companies' intentions

Oct 8, 2012
A U.S. congressional committee is set to call for investigations against Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies for alleged bribery and violations of U.S. immigration laws.
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Congress: Chinese telecom companies pose threat

Oct 8, 2012
A panel of the House Intelligence Committee warns U.S. telecom companies not to do business with Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp.
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Japan carmakers to cut China production

Oct 8, 2012
Japan's carmakers are reporting a huge drop in sales in China, and it's not about China's slowing growth. Anti-Japan protests in China are such an issue, Toyota and Nissan have both cut back on Chinese production.
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The end of the Great Migration: China's workers return home

Oct 3, 2012
Twenty years after the start of China's great migration of farmers leaving rural China to work at factories along the country's coast, workers are beginning to return home, following an investment boom in China's interior.
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