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Chinese billionaires hesitant to attend fundraising dinner

Sep 28, 2010
American billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are hosting a fundraising dinner for China's richest, but RSVPs so far have been slow to come. Marketplace's Rob Schmitz reports on why the Chinese elite are hesitant.
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Data mining pushes marketing to a new level

Sep 3, 2010
Every time you swipe one a rewards card at a store, that data goes somewhere to get analyzed. Marketplace's Stacey Vanek-Smith takes a look at the multi-billion dollar data mining industry -- how it has evolved and where it will go.
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You too can be a patron of the arts

Aug 26, 2010
Getting a masterpiece commissioned isn't just limited to the wealthy. Commissioning clubs let people contribute as much as they want -- from the equivalent of giving up one restaurant dinner a month to more than the cost of a European cruise.
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One hundred $100 bills to 100 strangers for 100 days

Aug 26, 2010
Bill Radke talks to Greg Wohler of Edge Creative Group, who thought of the idea for Project 100, which distributes one hundred $100 bills to 100 people for 100 days -- no strings attached.
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Keeping the arts alive, even in a recession

Aug 23, 2010
Bill Radke speaks with Randy Cohen of Americans for the Arts about how contributions to American arts nonprofits have been faring through the recession and why companies and people should support the arts.
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British arts may have to follow the American way

Aug 23, 2010
With big budget cuts on the horizon, British art organizations are going to have to look beyond the government for funding. Marketplace's Christopher Werth has the story.
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Floods exacerbate Pakistan's budget woes

Aug 18, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Time Magazine reporter Omar Waraich about the the disaster situation in Pakistan and how the Pakistani government is trying to stay financially afloat.
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Susan G. Komen fights for trademark

Aug 5, 2010
Susan G. Komen For the Cure, the breast cancer charity, has warned several other charities to stay away from its trademarked phrase: "Race for the Cure." And watch out if you use the color pink. Janet Babin reports.
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Live Aid changed the face of fundraising

Jul 13, 2010
Twenty-five years ago, the Live Aid concert brought together a galaxy of pop stars and changed the business of fundraising.
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People withhold donations for spill aid

Jul 5, 2010
Charitable donations to deal with the BP oil disaster have been meager. And they aren't likely to pick up any time soon. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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