Meals on Wheels needs more than faith

Apr 24, 2009
The need for charities and programs that provide food and shelter is growing, but donations are down. Kai Ryssdal reports on a privately-funded Meals on Wheels program in Los Angeles that's hungry for help.
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How the economy is affecting the poor

Apr 22, 2009
The World Bank has cautioned the public to not forget about the poorest countries in this downturn. Kai Ryssdal speaks with World Bank President Robert Zoellick about how developing nations are being affected by the recession and what can be done.
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Tough times are cause to give more

Apr 14, 2009
Donations to charities in the millions have fallen by one-third, and the need for assistance keeps climbing. But some philanthropists use this as a call to give more in times of greatest need. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Food pantry donations get a little fruity

Apr 9, 2009
Food pantries are facing a real problem -- demand is at a record high while donations have dwindled. But instead of money, some people are donating the "fruits" of their labor. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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Madoff fallout hits funding for charities

Mar 30, 2009
Many nonprofits took a big hit when the Bernard Madoff scam came to light. Some of his victims are gathering at the Jewish Funders conference, where they are trying to figure out how to move past the scandal. Amy Scott reports.
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It's unethical not to give in recession

Mar 23, 2009
In a downturn, it can sometimes be easy to forget about the poor. Kai Ryssdal speaks with bioethicist Peter Singer about why he believes we should give even more during a recession.
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She's a veteran of charities' pleas

Feb 20, 2009
Yvonne Oppenheimer's brother couldn't say no to charities claiming to raise money for veterans. Now, even though he's deceased, the solicitations keep coming. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Nonprofits keeping tabs on success

Jan 2, 2009
Cash-strapped donors are using stricter guidelines to justify charitable giving, particularly to nonprofits. That has some trying to assess how effective these organizations really are. Sean Powers reports.
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A volunteering tradition for everyone

Dec 25, 2008
If you don't have holiday plans today or don't celebrate Christmas, why not volunteer? From delivering donated gifts to working at a soup kitchen, there's plenty you can do. Steve Henn visits one volunteer center in Washington, D.C.
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Boys & Girls Club hit hard by economy

Dec 11, 2008
Nonprofits are struggling to stay afloat in these tough times. Kai Ryssdal visits the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club to see how the organization is coping with the economic downturn.
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